Nickolay Karamzin - Poor Lisa

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Nickolay Karamzin - Poor Lisa

The young man introduced himself and said that his name was Erast. Erast was quite a rich nobleman,clever and kind.He liked the girl very much and confessed his love to her.Lisa fell in love with Erast either.Lisa wanted to tell her mother about the young man,but Erast asked her not to do it.The young people met each other every day.

Once,when Lisa was selling lilies of the valley,she met a beautful and very kind young man.He paid 1 rouble for a bunch of flowers,although it cost just 5 kopecks.But Lisa sold him flowers at the normal price of sale.The young man asked Lisa were she lived.Soon Lisa went home.She told her mother that she had met a young man. Lisa's mother praised the daughter because she had refused to take extra money from the young man.On the next day,the young man visited Lisa's house.Lisa gave him a glass of milk,and her mother told him about her sorrow.

Poor Lisa

Nickolay Karamzin

Young and beautiful Lisa lived with her old mother in a small house near the monastery.They became poor after Lisa's father had died.The old lady was sick and weak,and could not work.Lisa had to work hard day and night,at any time of the year.She was a very appreciative and tender daughter.

Another wealthy peasant had fallen in love with Lisa,but she didn't like him.Lisa and Erast had intimate relations.Since that time,his attitude to the girl changed,he had lost his interest to Lisa.He was avoiding meetings with her.

Lisa had given mother the money,then she went and jumped into the pond. Lisa's mother died when she had learned about her daughter's death. Erast was unhappy the rest of his life. He considered himself guilty of the girl's death.

They hadn't seen each other for a long time and soon Erast told Lisa that he would go to war. Two months had passed . One day Lisa came into the town and met Erast there. He told Lisa that his wedding would take place soon. Erast gave Lisa 100 rubles and asked her not to bother him anymore.


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