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Nicki Minaj Biography

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Her mother had a vision of their house burning down one night so she sent her kids to spend the night with her aunt. That night Nicki's father burned her house down with her mother in it.

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Nicki Minaj Biography - More than a Rap Artist By David Good

Nicki's mother had a dream one night that their house would burn down, so the next night she sent Nicki and her siblings to spend the night at their aunt's house. That night Nicki's father burned her house down with her mother in it.

Born Onika Tanya Maraj

Autobiography by Nicki Minaj

She has won a total of seventy awards including four American Music Awards and eight BET Awards. She has won Best Female Hip-Hop Artist four years in a row. She is also known as a feminist icon challenging the way people view the female role and standing up for equality.

Nicki started out rapping on the streets of Jamaica, Queens.

"I am a big supporter of women who came from nothing and worked their way to the top." -Nicki Minaj (interview with Necole Bitchi)

"This would've never happened if I traded in my textbooks cause now I'm hot, but the critics say I'm just looks. They say I'm too sexy, they say I'm selling out" -Nicki Minaj (Song: Sweetest Girl)


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