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Chemical Elements

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Mr. Robbins Period 3SNC1P1Presentation by: Mackenzie Miller


Atomic Mass


Bohr-Rutherfod Diagram

Periodic Table Group

Atomic Number

Transition Metals (Group 10)Period 4Element 28


When was it Discovered?

Nickel was discovered in 1751

It was discovered when Chemist Baron Axel Fredrik Cronstedt was trying to extract Copper from Niccolite Ore

How was it Discovered?

Physical Properties

-Highly resistant to corrosion and rusting-Doesn't react with Oxygen unless in a finely dispersed state (then will ignite in air)-Reacts slowly with Flourine Gas-Dissolves slowly in Sulphuric Acid

Chemical Properties

Colour: Silvery-WhiteState at Room Temp.:SolidMalleability: Capeable of being shapedDensity: 8.90g/ccMelting Point: 1,453`CBoiling Point: 2,732`C

Occurence in Nature

-Used in the production of Stainless Steel, Jewelry, Coins, Rechargeable batteries, Cordless Tools, Jet Planes

Practical uses

Nickel Selenide: NiSe-Inorganic compound made of Nickel and Selenium-Completly InsoluableNickel Sulphide: NiS-Inorganic compound made of Nickel and Hydrogen Sulphide-Black solid


-If Nickel suddenly disappeared from Earth, we wouldn't have many of the parts that make up Jet Planes, handcuffs, many Coins, Stainless Steel objects, Rechargable Batteries or Cordless Tools; and cars would also be very fragile and less safe.


-Natural- Makes up 0.01 to 0.02% of Earths' CrustLargest Producers of Nickel are Russia(1st), Canada(2nd), New Caledonia(3rd)-Found as a Solid on Earth and in Meteorites

-This would mean that our society would have to change the way they live and work, and start to rely on other materiels.- The people that would be most affected are the people who drive cars often, Construction Workers (who rely on cordless tools)

-The Annual Limit for oral intake of Nickel is 9mCi and for inhalation it is 800uCi- External Protection Equipment (Disposable Lab Coats, Gloves, Masks etc) should always be worn when in direct or inderect contact with Nickel in any form

Saftey Precautions


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