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THE ULTIMATE GOAL!Learn How to Score a Touchdown...


PUNT RETURN: This happens when the receiving team’s punt returner advances the ball into the end zone on the kicking team during the punt return. A touch down is then scored.RUNNING TOUCHDOWN: On offense, when a player receives the ball through a handoff, a lateral or a backward pass, they can score a touchdown if they advance the ball into the opposing team’s end zone. INTERCEPTION RETURN: When a defensive player intercepts a forward pass, lateral, or backward pass from the offensive team, the defensive player can advance the ball against the offense to score a touchdown.

FUMBLE RECOVERY: Fumbles are made by running backs, receivers, kickoff and punt returners. A fumble recovery occurs when the player picking up the fumbled ball advances it into the end zone.

Ben Roethlisberger

FORWARD PASS: On offense, when the passer completes a forward pass, the receiver can advance the ball into the end zone to score a touchdown.KICKOFF RETURN: In order to score a touchdown, the receiving team's kickoff receiver must advance the ball into the kicking team's end zone. This is the most exciting play in football.

BLOCKED PUNT OR FIELD GOAL: When a punt or field goal is blocked, any member of the punt or field goal blocking team can pick up the blocked kick and advance the ball into the end zone for a touchdown.

Ben is my favorite player. He is the best quarterback on the Steelers.

He is nicknamed "Big Ben." This came from a game-winning 70-yard Hail Mary pass against Akron during his first year as quarterback for Miami Ohio.




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