Nicholaus Copernicus

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Nicholaus Copernicus

Nicholaus Copernicus

Education Nicholaus Copernicus had studied in many places. He has studied in Cracow, Bologna, Rome, Padua, Ferrara on Math, Optics, Medicine, Astronomy and Law. He got a doctorate on the canon law in 1503.

Nicholaus Copernicus was born in Poland at 1473.He lived for 70 years and died at 1543.

I am very interested in Astronomy

Nicholaus Copernicus was important because he proposed the Copernican Theory which proposed that the solar system was not Earth centered but it was Sun centered.Their Contribution to the Renaissance of Europe was impotant because this was a new idea, it brought new perspectives. Soon, universities started to use the Copernican theory.

Nicholaus Copernicus was also different as rather than only using math or physics like the other astronomers at that time did to prove their theory, he combinied physics math and cosmology to prove his theory.

Nicholaus Copernicus Signature

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