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Social Studies
World War II

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Nicholas Winton

Escape From the Holocaust

How Nicholas Winton Saved 669 Childrenby Jennifer Dobner

Time Line


Germany takes over the boarders of Czechoslovakia

At the age of 29, Nicholas Winton went to Prague to help a friend distribute food to the Jewish people who were suffering under Hitler's regime.

Using a system similar to Kindertransport" Winston would help assist with getting Jewish children to safety. Families came by the hundreds to seeking help from him.

Once the war began Winton's rescue mission ended. He went back to work as a banker. In 1998 his wife discovered his secret in his old briefcase. After a newspaper article and a television program were made about what he had done more than two dozen of the children he saved reached out to thank him.

After sending letters to many countries for assistance only Sweden and Great Britain would allow the children to come into the country without their parents.

Using newspaper ads to find families for the children, Winton was able to bring seven train loads of children, 669 to safety. The eighth train carrying 250 more children disappeared.


British Banker Comes to Prague

March 4, 1939

Winton's Trains

Sept. 3, 1939


Eighth Train Lost

Secret Discovered and Rewarded

In 2002, Mr. Winton became Sir Winton, as he is knighted by England's Queen Elizabeth II, click on this video to hear him speak.

German Leader, Adolf Hitler blames part of the loss of WWI on the Jews, whom he believed to be an inferior race. Soon Hitler stripped Jewish people of their jobs and their rights.


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