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Nicholas Mitchell

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Names of famus explorerssimone FrazerMarco poloSaint BrendenLeif EricksonKublain khan John CabotVasco da GamaFrancisco PizarroJacques Cartier

EARLY EXPLORERSBy: Nicholas Mitchell

First contact around 500 years ago the first Explorers to ever set foot in North America where christifer culumbis , Jorge vancouver and James cook. when thay came thay brot guns and Deseezes like flue,measels and chicken pocks. thay destdoyd the nativs way of life. thay reelide on what the Explorers Traded to them.


  • jbystrom 11 years ago

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    Never eat soggy wieners when you want to remember the four directions on the compass rose. North, South, West and East.
    Please also add your name to you wall.

  • jbystrom 11 years ago

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    Nicholas I think you've got a great start here with you notebook including information about the first explorers who arrived just over 500 years ago. I'd like to encourage you to add more details about some of the other famous explorers who you've listed and have pictures of on your glog. To date your glog earns you a 2; because it's not quite finished and doesn't have enough detail yet to fully meet expectations.