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Nicholas Layke

I was born on september 29, 2002 and have a 10 year old brother that is dyslexic. Some of the things I enjoy doing most are playing baseball, reading, watching baseball, and playing the saxaphone. I play travel baseball and am on a swim team. My baseball team is called the Blazers and most of the team goes to TPMS with me. I swim for the Daleview feet. I also have a cat named Mr. Cotter (Cotter is tom-cat in german.)

Important Events

halloween costumes

Hobbies1. Baseball2. Reading3. Saxaphone4. Watching the Nats

Nicholas Layke


This is a picture of me and my brother right after my team won the championship game for my baseball league,

Up last year I had long hair for over four years and funnally cut in last January to stop Tommy, Felix and Jacob to stop bugging me about it.

All about me

My long hair


2002- year of birth2005 - brother born2008 - first school year


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Me as a Baby

Last year for halloween Tommy and I dressed up as walrusses for hallowen and each got 5+ pounds of candy


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