[2015] Jaden Sims (4th Period ELA/Queener): Nice, France

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[2015] Jaden Sims (4th Period ELA/Queener): Nice, France

AboutNice, France is on the Bay of Angels, and is at the top of the Paillon River in France. Nice, France has a flat terrain and warm temperature, which makes agriculture on of its major industries. Nice is called as the capital of Alpes Maritimes department in France. The beauty and clear air of Nice became the inspiration of various painters in the world. You will be amazed with natural beauty of the town. At least 4 million tourists visiting the town each year.

SitesMany tourists spend most of their time in the narrow streets of Le Vieux Nice, plunging into its atmospheric restaurants & boutiques. The Hotel Negresco(9) is regarded as the citys finest five-star, witth views over the Mediterranean. Colline du Chateau is a pleasant oasis of greenery, shady trees,& rushing waterfalls. The Musee Chagall houses the most echibtion of Chagall's works in the world.

TraverlersA taxi costs c 25 in Nice. The city has outdoor activities to suite all tastes. Lazing on the beach at the Baie des Anges, or skiing in one of the several resorts on the main land.

Jaden Sims

Nice, France


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