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Niccolo Machiavelli was known as a statesman, philosopher, and secretary for the Florence Republic. When France invaded Italy in 1494, Medici power was seized and he became a diplomat for 14 years. But once the Medici regained power, they totured him for weeks as well as banishing his place in government for his conspiracy against the Medici. After his dismissal, he began to do literary activities. Near the end of 1513, he wrote The Prince, which was about gaining and maintaining politcial power with 26 chapters and was dedicated to Lorenzo de Medici, think he can win back political power. Though he was out of government, He did various tasks for the Medici family. In 1520, he was commisioned by Cardinal Giulio de'Medici to write The History of Florence, which was completed in 1525, and presented to the Cardinal. Other small tasks were upcoming by the Medici government, but on 21 June 1527 Niccolo died.


- wrote The Prince near the end of 1513 - wrote additional plays, poetry, and comedies- founder of modern political science and political ethics- doctrine of Machiavellianism (way of scheming)

-Referred to as "father of modern political science" - famous quote: "where the end always justified the means."


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Niccolo Machiavelli

1469- born on May 31494- temporary diplomat after fall of Medici1513- jailed and tortured for conspiring against the Medici returning to power1513- wrote The Prince1520- commisioned to write The History of Florence1527- died on June 21


Niccolo's hometown, Florence, Italy

Statue of Niccolo Machiavelliin the Uffizi Gallery, a museum in Florence

"I am Niccolo Machiavelli, also known as the father of modern political science, and doctrine of Machiavellianism. I was the author of a 26 chapter book, The Prince explaining the maintenace and gaining political power. I was acknowledged by many as a politcal theorist and diplomat subsequently after my latest literary masterpieces. I have changed the perspective on how politics should be looked at and even showsremnants of my work in today's government"


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