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Social Studies

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A typical food made in Nicaragua is quesillo. To make this you take a peice of cheese, called quesillo, and place it inside a tortilla. Then, wrap it in a bag. Onions and vinegar are added and it is topped off with fresh cream and a bit of salt. If I would go to Nicaragua, I would like to try quesillo.

A) Nicaragua imports more than they export. They import electronics, machinery, motor vehicles, petoleum, and petroleum products. They export beef, coffee, gold, lobster, shrimp, and sugar.B) Their currency is córdobas. One Nicaraguan córdoba equals four hundreths of a United States dollar.

A) Christopher Columbus discovered Nicaragua in 1502. The first settlement was Granada on Lake Nicaragua.B) Nicaragua got its independence in September 1821.

Dinero, Dinero, Dinero(economy a and b)

El Pasado(history a and b)

Tengo Hambre(food a)

Nicaragua climate is dry and rainy. It has a dry season from January to June. Between the months of June and July, it has heavy rainfall. Between August and September, it gets tropical downfall once a day. The hottest months are March, April, and May.

The flag has two colors: two blue stripes and one white stripe. The two blue stripes represent the Pacific Ocean and the Caribean Sea. The white stripe represents peace. In the center of the coat of arms the traingle represents equality and the rainbow means peace. The 5 volcanoes on the Coat of Arms represents the five members of the federation. The red Phrygian cap, white rays and rainbow represent liberty and peace.

Tierra(geography a and b)

Hace Sol y Lleve(climate a)

Independencia(flag a)

Sarah Hovest and Riley Edwards

A) The capital is Managua. It is the largest city in Nicaragua. Managua was hit by massive earthquakes in 1931 and 1972. B) Nicaragua has 50,000 square miles and has 5,570,129 people.There aren't very many people compared to the space.