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Social Studies

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This meal, vigoron, is often prepared in Nicaragua and originated in the city of Granada. It yucca, chicharron, and a salad of cabbage and tomato on top of a plantain tree leaf.

Bianca Jagger was originally born in Nicaragua. Bianca is the ex-wife of Mick Jagger and is now an activist for social and environmental issues. She founded the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, is a Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador, and is with the Amnesty International.


The tucuxi is another name for the grey dolphin. This dolphin can be found in several rivers and other estuaries in Nicaragua.

The Volcan Masaya National Park is Nicaragua's first and largest park as well as being a popular attraction. It has two volcanoes, Masaya and Nindiri. This park also features the Santiago Crater.

''Alforja Campesina'' is a song which displays some cultural music in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is located in Central America with Honduras to the northwest and Costa Rica to the southeast. The capital of Nicaragua is Managua, and a few other big cities are Leon and Granada. Nicaragua has several lakes, rivers, and volcanoes as well as a few waterfalls and miles of coast.

The festival of Santo Domingo occurs every August 1st and lasts until August 10th. On August 1st the statue of the saint is taken from the church of Las Sierritas to the church that is in downtown Managua. In ten days the reverse happens, the statue is taken from the church in downtown Managua to go back to the church of Las Sierritas. This is a time when several horse breeders have a chance to show off if their horses are ridden in the parade that takes the statue to the church. For the days in between, many people perform traditional dances in traditional costumes in the city.


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