Nicaragua Mission Trip 2014

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Nicaragua Mission Trip 2014

Our team was divided between 2 cities: Managua and Chinadega.Chinadega: The group led 2 VBS days at a public school (yes, a public school!) and worked on the contruction in the pastor's home.Managua (my team): We helped Iglesia Biblica Harvest Managua to run their precamp (one day VBS) based upon the book The Giving Tree. The day before, we performed our skit The Giving Tree and led the students in the song "Alive" ("Vivo Estas" in Spanish) with motions.

My Experiences

1. Iglesia Biblica Harvest Managua is a church that lives out true discipleship and accountablity under the leadership of Pastor Jared Cox. Every person we came in contact with talked about how they had been challenged to pursue Christ with all their heart at this church. It was such a beautiful example of mentorship and challenged me in my walk and accountablity.2. I loved seeing the kids that came with us on the mission trip be stretched as they were challenged to get out of their comfort zones. My favorite 2 examples were: when Samantha (14) stepped up to do Izzy's part in the skit while Izzy was sick and when Ethan (11) joined in to play the games with the kids at VBS even though he doesn't like sports.3. God challenged me as I listened to the story of how God moved in the lives of Diane and Tony, American missionaries. They felt called to Nicaragua and sold all to follow the Lord's leading. It really challenged me to surrender in the big and little aspects of my life.

My Flight Home


"Vivo Estas"

My Managua Team

Our Tree Skit

NicaraguaMission Trip July 2014

On the plane ride out of Managua, Nicaragua I sat next to Latina woman named Mercy who is a follower of Christ. We had a divine appointment! As we were talking I had the revelation that this is a big part of why God called me on this trip. She spoke a word over me that was very specific and exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. She took my hand and prayed over my life in her beautiful, broken English. It was amazing!

Peforming to our song

Performing my part in the skit

After a performance at a school

Mercy & me on the plane

Mercy & me on the plane

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