Nicaragua: land of discovery

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Nicaragua: land of discovery

Nicaragua: land of Discovery

Relative Location:Nicaragua is located in North America and in the middle of Central America. is bordered by Honduras, Costa Rica, the caribbean sea, and the Pacific Ocean.Topography: Extensive Atlantic costal plains rising to central interior mountains narrow pacific coastal plain interrupted by volcanoesClimate: Tropical in lowlands, cooler in the highlands.

absolute Location: 12 8'N 86 15' W

Capital of Nicaragua: managuaPopulation: 6.2 millionGovernment: RepublicPresident: Daniel OrtegaFlag: the 2 blue stipes mean 2 oceans (Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea), the white stripe means symbolizes peace, and the Coat of Arms has 5 volcanoes which represent the 5 parts of federation. Also it has a red phrygian cap, white rays and a rainbow. all this symbolizes liberty and peace.

Currency of Nicaragua:CordobaValue in the U.S:100 Cordobas = 3.68 u.s dollars

Main Exports:14% coffee, 12% gold, frozen Bovine meat, 5.5% raw Sugar, 4.2% Knit Sweaters

Main Imports: 14% Refined Petroleum, 6.1% Grude petroleum, 4.2% Packaged Medicaments, 2.1% delivery trucks

Typical Food:-breakfast: eggs, cheese gallo pinto, and sweet plantains served with bread or corn tortillas. is usually accompanied by fresh juice or coffee.

Traditional clothing: simple loose whit shirts and long pants for men, with or without embroidery, a straw hat, and a bandana. Women wore embroided dresses with full skirts, and some sort of kerchief or ardornment for her hair. Traditional Music: Modern music is a mix of spanish and traditional native american instruments

Histoy of Nicaragua: Was first settled by the spanish in 1522, but gained it's independance in 1838. Gen. Sandino was dictator over Nicaragua from 1927 until he was assassinated in 1935. Then Nicaraguas next dictator was Gen. Anastasio Somoza Garcia. He was in power from 1936 to his assassination in 1956. His son and grandsons were next in power, but they also rled with an iron fist. The Contra war was a war to get the Somozas out of power. Tens of thousands people died due to american bombing runs in places like Managua. The independance of Nicaragua happend when the small army of Nicaragua stood up to Spanish forces. That war was nicknamed The Bloody Independance war.

Tourist Attraction:-San Juan del Sur: a Town in south Nicaragua with beutiful beaches in a curved bay.-Ometepe Island: an island in the midle of lake Nicaragua which is also the largest lake island-Leon: Leon is the original town founded by the spanish.-Lake Nicaragua: Is the largest lakes in Nicaragua and is also the largest lake in Central America. It is also the only lake in the world with sharks.

Ometepe Island


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