Nicaragua Canal

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Nicaragua Canal

Nicaragua Canal

By: Henry Smalstig

The effects on population are offseting. On the one hand the cannal would cut through 30,000 people in their homes forcing them to either move or become homless. On the other hand if the cannal is succesfull in boosting the economy people may immigrate to the are for ecconomic gain.

Effects on Population

Effects on the EnvironmentThe environmental effects of the cannal could be disasterous. The cannal would cut through many miles of rainforest and threaten many species. The cannal would also cut through Lake Nicaragua, the main fresh water source of the people living in Nicaragua, leaving it ripe for polution form all of the boats and factories that will polute the cannal.Effects on the EcconomyThe greatest benifit of the canal will be the ecconmic gain. By opening a much larger connection between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean than the Panama cannal will greatly increase trade between countries. That increase in trade will make it so that many buisnesses will want to set up by the canal further increasing trade in that area. While the canal consturction jobs will be mostly taken by Chinese immigrant workers, the buissnesses after will open up job oportunities for Nicaraguans and will greatly increase the countries economy.

While the cannal itself woun't change much infesturcture apart form what it removes in its consturction, the consturction of the cannal and the buisnesses that follow will need roads, pipelines, and other industrial needs greatly increasing the countries infestructure.

The effects on the culture would mostly be on what the contry values. The culture would move from being agricultural to more industrial in order to support the trade and industry coming from the canal.

Effects on Culture

Effects on Urban and Rural Comunities

The effects on urban and rural communities are simmilar to the cultural effects. The rural communities would decrease and lose value as more and more urban communites are created adn grow in favor of the more industrialized society caused by the cannal.

Effects on Infestructure


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