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There are also a lot of rituals involved in being part of an NHL team. For example whenever teams shake hands at the end of a game, the captains of each team are usually at the front (as stated in the video to the left). This is a ritual because it continuous for all games, and also gives players a sense of tradition. Another thing that demonstates rituals in the NHL is the pre-game activities that many players do before all their games, for example they do certain activities in a certain order or they do certain special things before all their games. Many players are very superstisions, and think that if they do not complete these rituals or complete them in the wrong way, they will have a bad game. They also do not feel right as they get closer and closer to game time. Although many players believe that they need these rituals to centre themselves and play well, not all NHL player think that rituals are important before a game. Click the video below for more details about some NHL player's pre-game rituals

I think that the NHL connected to aspects of religion for several reasons. Firstly because of the unity that each team has and the belief they have a divine power (to win the Stanley Cup), which I think is similar to religion because members of churches are very close with one-and-other and they all believe in the divine power of god. Players also believe that their coach knows what is best for the team and obey what he says, the same way people who believe in certain religions believe that their god (or gods) knows best, and obey his laws (or "commandments"). The NHL is also a competition for the Stanley Cup, the same way the men in the days of King Authur competed to reach the Holy Grail.

The NHL is many things to many people. For hockey fans it is the ultimate entertainment, and for hockey players the ultimate dream. The NHL is the National Hockey League, and is the professional league in North America. The winner of the NHL recieves a huge trophey, called the Stanley Cup

Hockey also has many anthropological aspects that people may not expect. It obviously contains social cohesion, as member of the team come from different countries, cities and towns, and backrounds. They must all work together, despite their differences to win games and even win the Stanley Cup. See in the video below how working hard to achieve their goal of winning the Stanley Cup made not only Chicago Blackhawks players have a strong sence of social cohesion, but also the coaches, trainers, and general staff member.

If you would like to learn more about the NHL, click the logo above. If you would like to learn more about ice hockey in general, you can click the puck to the right

Paralells between the NHL and religion:Stanley Cup = Holy GrailHead Coach = PreacherTeam = CongregationTeam traditions = ritualsIce rink = churchA "celly" = "halelujah!"A "goalie" = the "saviour"A bad play = a sin


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    Cool Glog!! You include so much specific detail and its great how you compared the parallels between the NHL and religion! You used terminology that we learned in the Durkheim Glog, which shows you learned a lot! The hyperlinks that you included are entertaining to watch. Overall, nice job!