Nguyen Van Thuan

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Nguyen Van Thuan

Nguyen Van Thuan

April 17, 1928 - September 16 2002

"I decided I would not wait. I would live the present moment and fill it with love."

By: Madeline Heuer

Romans 8:18"I consider that the sufferings of this present time are as nothing compared with the glory to be revealed for us."

•When in exile, he still devoted time and energy to helping the Catholics of his native Vietnam

"Peace cannot be limited to a mere absence of war, the result of an ever precarious balance of forces. No, peace is something that is built up day after day, in the pursuit of an order intended by God, which implies a more perfect form of justice among people." On the Development of PeoplesPope Paul VI, 1967

•Trained seminarians and developed Youth associations, parish associations, and parish councils

• Still practiced his faith when he was imprisoned for it; performed mass evenin his solitary confinement cell

•To help create just and loving relationships, I can work on accepting others and opening the conversations on sensitive, but necessary topics

•I can speak out against injustice and continue to practice peace

• Taught the gospel while in prison; spread the message of Christ to prison guards and prisoners

•Worked towards peace and justice for everyone,and actively loved those who punished him for his faith

•Wrote books while imprisoned to help inspire his followers, and to keep his own faith strong under difficult circumstances

•Worked to unite Catholics of all nationalities and helped instill Catholic ideals to people of different faiths

•God granted justice in freedom and giving Thuan wisdom to create the 10 Rules of Life


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