Nez Perce

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Nez Perce

Climate of the NorthwestSummers can be dry and hot. Winters can be very cold.

What did the Nez Perce eat?

What did the Nez Perce use as shelter?

The Nez Perce used the hides from the animals they hunted to make clothing. Men wore leather leggins and buckskin shirts while women wore long deer skin dresses.

Nez Perce gathered roots, fruits, nuts, and seeds.They hunted and caught fish, like salmon, deer, elk, buffalo, and other game animals.They hunted durring the summer and dried leftover food to save for the long, cold winter.

They traveled through the rivers and settles in the valleys.

What did the Nez Perce wear?

Nez Perce used the natural resources of the land to build their homes which they called earth house. The Nez Perce dug underground to make their homes. One style was called a long house. These houses could be up to 150 feet long and hold large families. The other style was called a round house. This style was smaller than the long house.

Nez PerceNorthwest Plateau region

Plateaus of Washington, Idaho, Montanta, and Oregon.


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