Newton's Third Law of Motions

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Newton's Third Law of Motions

In this picture, Missy Franklin is pushing off a wall. She is applying a force, and a force is applied on her, causing her to move.

Here, two guinea pigs are running. They are applying force on the ground. In return, the force is applied on them.

Newton's Third Law of Motions

Here, a cat is standing. He is exerting force on the chair and the chair is exerting force back making it possible to not fall through.

Here are some examples of Newton's third law:1. Sitting on a chair. Your body exerts a force on the chair and a chair exerts a force back. Otherwise you would fall on to the floor.2. Throwing a heavy object away from you. The force exerted will push back on you, possibly causing you to move backwards.3. Jumping. You exert a force on the ground and a force exerts which causes you to move upwards.

Newton's third law of motions states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

What forces are exerted from clapping? One hand is exerting to the other force, and vice versa, causing hands to separate after.

Questions for you to think about1. What are some other examples of Newton's third law in everyday life?2. What forces are exerted a plane taking off?3. What forces are exerted from lugging a backpack against the ground?4. What forces are exerted from holding a rock above your head?

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