Newtons Laws

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Newtons Laws

Anytime you try to push a heavy object, or box, and it takes loads of force only to move it an inch, you have just experienced the 2nd law of motion.

Newtons 1st law______________Anytime you start to bounce a basketball, the ball gets out of control, and rolls to a stop, you have just then experienced the 1st law of motion.

About Newtons Laws:Newtons laws have much to do with force, gravity, & motion. We use them today to understand the world around us. Isaac Newton, (creator of laws) has found a way to change the way we think forever.

Newtons LawsBy: Gianna Martire

Newtons 2nd Law

Newtons 3rd Law_____________Yo-yos are the perfect example of the 3rd law of motion. When you bounce it is the action, and when it bounces back up to you, that is the reaction.

The laws of motion relate to me because every time I stand up, i'm showing the 3rd law of motion. (Action: standing up, Reaction: chair pushing me forwards) Also, any time when I try to push something heavy, I am demonstrating the 2nd law of motion, since I would most likely be the unbalanced force and I was pushing he heavy object. Also, whenever I play soccer, I am demonstrating the second law of motion by

The boy demonstrates the 1st & 3rd laws of motion because he is moving the ball when he bounces it. Action: bouncing ball, Reaction: ball moving forwards

The sumo and the young man demonstrates the 2nd law of motion because the boy is pushing against an unbalanced force (sumo)

Isaac Newton, founder of the 3 laws

The image demonstates the 3rd law of motion because the action is the first ball hitting the second, and the reaction is the other balls hitting each other.

The truck towing the car is an example of the 1st law of motion because the truck is moving the car with more forc.

The man pulling the plane demonstrates the 2nd law of motion because it shows the man pulling an unbalanced force


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