Newtons Laws

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Newtons Laws

The picture shows force being put on mass and causing movement (velocity).This illustrates Newton's 1st Law by showing that an object at rest will stay at rest until force is put on the object

The picture shows a woman kicking a soccer ball in the air.This is an example of Newton's 1st Law by showing force being put on an object and causing movement (velocity).

Newton's Laws

The picture shows a dog pulling a sled with a mass of 50 kg while using a force of 100 N. This relates to Newton's 2nd Law because if a force greater then an objects mass is applied it will produce acceleration.

The picture shows trains with more/less force and mass causing more/less acceleration.This shows Newton's 2nd Law because when mass is greater/less than force the acceleration will differ.

The picture shows a hammer pounding a nail.this relates to Newtons 3rd Law because the action is the force of the hammer pounding the nail and the reaction is the force of the nail on the hammer causing the hammer to bounce back.

The picture shows a balloon releasing air and propelling forward.This relates to Newtons 3rd Law because every object's movement has an action and an equal and opposite reaction. The balloon's action is letting out the air and the reaction is propelling the balloon forward.

When a fish is swimming through the water it uses it's fins to push the water backwards in return, the fish propels forward.

When im shopping and I am pushing a full shopping cart it is harder for me to move the shopping cart than if my father was pushing the same cart.

When a golfer is going to hit the golf ball, the ball is at rest. Once the club comes into contact with the ball the club applies an external force and sends the ball flying into the air.


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