Newton's Laws

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Newton's Laws

Newton's Laws of Motion

Students will read pages 19 and 20 from Newton's Principia and interpret these passages in layman's terms. Translate Newton's technical formualtion of his famous Laws of Motion into language a non-scientist can understand. Then create a multimodel presentation (use multiple forms of media) to illustrate Newton's Laws and explain thier meaning.

Modal FormsLinguistic -Written, visual text -Oral presentationVisual -Still and moving ImagesAffective -special effects/color in presenationInteractivity -kinetic (do physical demo)

Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy (the Principia), by Isaac Newton, is one of the most famous and influential texts in all of physics.In this work Isaac Newton first lays out his 3 laws of motion, formulates the universal law of gravitation, and derives Keplers laws of planetary motion.

Newton's Laws in Music

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