Newton's Laws of Motion

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Newton's Laws of Motion

Newton's Laws of Motion

Newton's First Law of Motion

An object in motion stays in motion, an an object at rest stays at rest.

An object will not move unless acted upon by an unblanced force.

The ball was at rest, until it wasacted upon by an unbalanced force.

By Vivian Pierropoulos

Newton's Second Law of Motion

This law states that acceleration of an object is dependent upon two variables - the net force acting upon the object and the mass of the object.

This means that it you have more force, there will be greater acceleration.

The box will move in the direction he is pushing it because of the direction and force.

For an overview of Newton's Laws of motion, watch this video!

Newton's Third Law of Motion

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

In every action, there is a force equally applying itself upon the action. The opposing reaction is equal in size and opposite in direction.

This shows that the fish’s fins propel himself forward. Yet the water is holding him back as well so that he doesn’t go flying because the water puts an equal force that the fish’s fins produce.


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