Newton's Law of Motion

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Newton's Law of Motion

Newton's Law of Motion

Newton's 1st law of MotionThe force acted upon an object,it will stop it from either moving or resting. If you throw a baseball and the glove stops (catches) it, then that is a example of the first law of motion.

Newton's 2nd Law of MotionIf two unequal forces act upon each other, then the force with more force will push the force with less power will get pushed back. If a minivan and a truck push against each other, the truck will win beacause it has more force than the minivan.

As like the balloon car, the same experiment works with a boat.

Newton's 3rd law of motionFor every action, there is a equal or opposite reaction. It's a bit like dribbling a basketball, when you dribble, the ball bouces off the ground which is the reaction.

This image relates to the second law beacuse the two men have equal strength causing the rope to stay in the middle.

This image relates to the first law because the football will stay in rest until the kicker kicks it out of the holder.

This image relates to the third law because when you hit the puck, and the other player hits it back, is called action and reaction.


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