newtons first law of motion

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newtons first law of motion

Newton's First Law of Motion

Who is Newton?

Sir Isaac Newton was born the 4th of January, 1643, in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England. He is considered to be one of the greatest scientists and mathematicians of all times. While studying at Trinity College, Cambridge, he became interested in math, physics and astronomy. He wrote down three “laws of motion” that are now studied worldwide as part of science’s basic principles. He died in 1727 after having lived for 85 years.


Objects at rest tend to remain at rest until acted on by an outside, unbalanced force, objects in motion tend to remain in motion until acted on by an outside, unbalanced force.

The ball is at a state of rest until the foot, acting as an external, unbalanced force makes it enter a state of motion when it kicks it.

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This broadens the idea that any object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by a force that is not balanced. Likewise, any object in motion will continue moving at the same velocity (equal speed and same direction) unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. In simpler words what this law states is that all objects have a tendency to keep doing what they are doing. Without an unbalanced force (a force that is only applied to one side of an object), an object will continue doing what it is currently doing.

Real World Example

An example of this law of motion in action can be a car. While driving, after you start a car and it starts moving, it will keep on moving unless an unbalanced force is exerted. In this case, the unbalanced force would be the car’s brakes that change the state of constant velocity of the car. Professions that have to deal with this law are drivers, pilots, designers and constructors (of buildings because they have to move materials and instruments around and of cars, airplanes, buses, trains because they need to know how brakes function).

You are at a baseball game. You watch as the batter strikes the ball making it fly across the open sky. Suddenly, a glove shoots into the air and stops the ball. What are you seeing apart from a good game?

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Answer - SolutionWhat you are actually seing is Newton's First Law of Motion in action. The ball, after being hit, would have continued flying across the sky if it were not for the gloved hand that acted as an external, unbalanced force stopping it.

Strengths (of the video):-it clearly shows how an unbalanced external force (the movement of the hand) makes the ball start moving-it shows both possibilities of Newton’s First Law of Motion: when an unbalanced external force makes an object start moving and when an unbalanced external force stops the movement of an objectWeaknesses (of the video):-the force of gravity is an invisible external unbalanced force-when the ball is at rest it is not at rest by itself, it is being hold by a hand.

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The Law in a game of pool?

Also called LAW OF INERTIA




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