Newtons 3 Laws of Motion

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Newtons 3 Laws of Motion

The first law of motion states that an odject at rest tends to stay at rest, an oddject in motion tends to stay in motion, unles accted appon by an out side force.I was running doun a hill and I could not stop because there was not enouph force pushing on me.Newtons 2nd law states that applying a force to a mass will cause it to acceloerate. When I was yunger I tryed to push my older bruther and I could not apply enoph force so he did not move. Newton 3rd law states that for every acction there is an equal and opisit reaction. I jumped into the wall and my head hit the brickes and it hurt the reaction was when my head hit the wall the reaction was that the wall pushed dack on me withthe same amount of force that is why head hurt.

I love science

newtons 2nd law

newtons 1st law

newtons 3rd law

Newtons 3 laws of motion


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