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News Template 2

Ages Ranges:  Birth to 90

Purpose To measure personal and social skills through four domains; Communication, Daily Living Skills, Socialization, and Motor Skills. The test is used to support a classification/diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders, genetic disorders, developmental delays and emotional and behavioral disturbances. The test can help to determine eligibility for special education services. The Vineland-II is a diagnostic test. The assessment is standardized and norm referenced.Validity and ReliabiltyEvidence on validity focuses on: content, structure, diagnostic accuracy and concurrent related measuresThree methods were used to evaluate reliabilty: internal consistency, test-retest, interrater reliability

Strengths The ratings in the survey is easy to follow (always, sometimes, never) A variety of forms and different ways to administer Assessment covers a large variety of skills and a solid picture of the individuals functioning is presented Data collected can be used immediately to implement intervention plansWeaknessesAssessment is subjective and based on parent/caregiver responses which could vary based on opinion and experience Parent/Caregiver Rating Form is fairly long.

Test InformationConsists of 3 manuals that coincide with: Survey Interviewn Form/Parent Rating Scale: completed by the administrator in a semi structured interview format or by the parent Expanded Interview Form: administered to parents/caregivers in an interview format Teacher Rating Form: completed by the teacher in each of the four domains.



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