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News Template 2

LanguageThe official language of Poland is polish. Greater Polish is spoken in west. Lesser polish spoken in south.Masovian is spoken in centeral Poland.  Silesian is spoken in southwest and is considered seperate language.  ---------------------------------------------BordersPoland is bordered by Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine,Belarus,and Lithuania---------------------------------------------The Capitol of Poland is Warsaw

EconomyPoland was once a communist country. (Goverment had strong control over economy.)Only 15% of population is unemployed.Poland has a flexible currancy.------------------------------------------------------HistoryIn the late 1700s, Poland disappeared from the map soon to reappear as a democracy in the 1900s.Poland was one of the first to be invaded by Nazi, Germany.------------------------------------------------------Religion95% of Poland population is Roman Catholic.Remainder of population is either Eastern Orthodox or Protestant.

CustomsAbout 38.7 million people live here.Very rural, more than most nations.More and more people live in cities.---------------------------------------------Poland has a pope for a leaderFor breakfeest most eat a croissantSchool children get to go into a pool at free time---------------------------------------------Poland arts reflect European trends while maintaining unique characterArt all around the world is similar but has its own story to tell.---------------------------------------------substantial agricultural and mineral resources. It has the world's fifth-largest proven reserves of hard and brown coal, in addition to deposits of copper, sulphur, zinc, lead, silver, magnesium, and rock salt. ---------------------------------------------

GeographyPoland is about the size of New Mexico.Poland lies on the huge European plain.There used to be large forests but they were cut down for farming.Along the northern part of the country, there are many forests and bogs.In the south there are low Sudeten mountains stretching along the border.



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