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News Template 2

Climate of Mount Everest-Naturally extreme climate -coldest month is January -the January temperature is from -33 to -76-warmest month is July-the average in July is -2-the wind can reach to 177 mph -the temperature never goes above freezing

In this glog we will be talking about Mount Everest and it's history and physical features. By: Nathaniel Silva

Mount Everset

Climbing History of Mount Everest-1921- nine team members ru out of gas. -1922- seven Sherpas killed by Avalanche. -1924- Mallory and Irvine disappear. -1933- Army captain killed at 20,997 feet. -1938- a small team reaches 27,296 feet before World War 2. -1952- pre and post monsoon attempts each with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay as a member barely fail. -1952- six die as a team approaching from Tibet seeks the summit. -1953- A strong unit makes the first ascent.

Physical Features of Mount Everest -the mountain is 8,850 meters. (29,035 feet)-Part of Himalayan mountain range. -not the tallest mountain but is the tallest elevation.

Mount Everest is the tallest elevation in the world with heights of 8,848 meters. (29,035 feet)

Mount Everest is located in the Asia Himalayan Mountains. Part of Everest is located in China while the other part is in Nepal

This picture shows the location and elevation of all of the camps.

Attempts:4,000 in total660 successful 142 deaths



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