News by Natasa Simjanovska and Jelena Davidovic

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News by Natasa Simjanovska and Jelena Davidovic

Wine festival in Valjevo''The truth is in wine''The second festival in Valjevo will happen at Singidunum University on 31st March 2016.

All the students from this university are organising this event as a part of their practical lessons. They want to promote wine from our area and also they expect the development of tourism in Valjevo.

Our famous actor Dragan Nikolic died a few days ago. His death is a big tragedy for our culture and film. He was a very talened actor.

The burial was held at The New Cemetary of Belgrade in the part for famous people. A lot of people from Belgrade and Serbia, such as artists and Dragan's friends and family were present.

We like Lingua classes in our group. Our teacher Ivana is a great person, a great teacher and she is a very pretty young woman.She teaches us the English language and she is very tolerant. We like her and we hope she likes us too.




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