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news- buket

BASEBALL!The survey was conducted with Turkish people inKızılay. Based on this survery's results Most popular sports in Turkey is football. But every 3 people have 2 baseball bats. Baseball isn't popular in Turkey :))

LUCKY NURSE!The lottery was drown and won by H.C who is an Alzehime patient! H.C forgot the ticket at the hospital. ''The lucky ticket'' was found by the nurse. The money was taken by the nurse.

THE KILLER!A.B. was shooted with a gun by the killer or killers. The body was found by the cafe owner. His family is very sad. Rest in peace A.B. We won't forget you!


DON'T USE BLANK VOTE!Elections are going to be in 30th March. The results are wondered by everyone. 4 years ago 312793 blank votes were used by people. You should use your vote. It's your civic duty.

HERO EDA!Istanbul's shopkeepers have hard days beacause nobody buys anything. The is an economic crisis! Istanbul isn't preferred by tourists. A lucky Sunday, everything was bought by Eda D. She fixed the economic crisis. Istanbul's shopkeepers are greatful to Eda D.



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