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New Zealand


New Zealand

By: Naomi Ellis

Notes: New Zealand has a population of 4,596,000 people. Languages spoken in New Zealand include English, Maori, and the New Zealand sign language. As for literacy rate, an overall 99% of people in New Zealand can read and write. To be specific, 99% of women and 99% of men can read and write.

Facts: - legend is that New Zealand was fished from the sea by the demigod Maui - only 5% of New Zealand's population are humans (the rest are animals) - Blue Lake in NZ has the clearest water in the world - New Zealand became the first country to give women the right to vote in 1839 - New Zealand has two national anthems

Animals - Killer Whales - Maui Dolphins - Geckos - Snares Crested Penguin - Leatherback Turtle

Foods - Pavlova - Marlborough Green-Lipped Muscle - Bluff Oysters - Hokey Pokey Ice Cream - Roast Lamb

Top 5 Tourist Attractions - Milford Sound - Sky Tower - Tongariro National Park - Franz Josef Glacier - Abel Tasman National Park


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