New Zealand

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New Zealand


When the Europeans arrived to New Zealand Maori' settlements were there.The first European to reach New Zealand was Juan Fernández en 1576.In 1642 Abel Tasman arrived there and the maories killed four members of his crew and then nobody went to the country until James Cook in 1769.It belongs to the Commonwwealth and its queen is Isabel II.

Language: MAORIE AND ENGLISHPopulation: 4,471 MILLIONSArea: 268680 sq kmCoin: New Zealand dollar

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Wellington capital of New Zealand


New Zealand

This country is one of the most famous countries for its lanscapes.The lord of the rings was filmed in this natural famous for its volcanos, beaches and vineyards.this country has to many animals .


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PEOPLENowadays maories have almost desappeared but this culture remain and they teach it to the children at the school. In the school every children dance the Haka, the most representative dance of this tribal culture.People in New Zealand respects their tribal history and it is a culture of war and respect.

SportsRugby is the most important sport in New Zealand. They are the best rugby selection of the world and they are called All Blacks. They won 3 rugby world championships.


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