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New Zealand


New Zealand (English: New Zealand in Maori: Aotearoa) is an island country in the southwest Pacific Ocean formed by two main landmasses.

The natives are also timeless icons of the island, mainly in the North Island. The Maoris exude tradition and infect any mortal being with his story of struggle and persistence, their culture and their thousands of permanent symbols. An example, very popular with tourists, is the "Triple Twist". He is, among other things, the infinity and unity between two cultures and two people.,

A country of geographical dimensions so small can offer the visitor an experience massive, that because New Zealand is unlike anything you can dream up, and more than you can imagine!

New Zealand is a unique country. Its culture, and everything in it is inserted, form a set of true symbols that distinguish a "big small peaceful island" of all the other countries of the world, including in neighboring Australia. The most significant of them, like the kangaroo for Australians, is the Kiwi Bird. No wonder that New Zealanders call themselves citizens "Kiwis" and call everything that originates in the country the same way.

By Rayssa Arnold


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