New Zealand: The Country of Tourism

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New Zealand: The Country of Tourism

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, located on south of the "North Island" and consequently the country's main city.

New Zealand: The Country of Tourism!

The main language in New Zealand is English, due to the influence of England in colonization.

Even with a large British influence in its cuisine, New Zealand has a very unique dish called "Hangi", comes from culture "Maori", based on meat, seafood, corn, cassava and other vegetables.

Considered several different festivals are made in New Zealand, as the festival that takes place in the town of Hokitika, where people drink milk shake semen horse and eat insects, intending to lift people out of comfort zone and promote fun.

New Zealand has a land area of 270,986 km ² and a total population of 4,266,498 (Male: 2,107,347; Women: 2159151). Your IDH is 0.907, the 3rd largest in the world.

Tourism is very present in this country, one of the most visited in the world, it has several natural beauties that attracts many people and influence their economy directly.

By: Tarcísio e Luiz

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