New York

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New York

New York was a major trading hub and therefore had more cultures and religions than most other colonies. Because of this there was a lot of ideas from different places being spread around. This led to different types of crops being planted, houses being built and the people living in New york having greater religious tolerance.

The Iroquois and New York merchants traded often and where good allie. In New York since most of the trade and sale of goods was going on on New York Harbor and the coast it wasnt expanding inward as fast as other colonies making the indians more welcome to the settlers. One governor tried to tax the Iroquois for living on there land. So they abandoned the area and headed north to lake Erie.

New York had some of the richest soil out of all the colonies. Because of all the rich soil lots of different types of plants could be grown in large quantities which is where it got its nickname the breadbasket state. Some of the major waterways for transportation and trade where the Hudson River, Lake Champlain and the saint Lawrance River. The major landforms in the area where the Appalachain and Catskill mountains.

Culture and Religions

New York

Relations with the Iroquois

Tradional Iroquois Flute song

Geography of New York

Goverment in New York

The governers where either voted on or where sent over from England by the Duke of York. When a governer was sent over instead of voted in this upsetted many of the colonists leading to a shaky start. The first set of laws was the Charter of Liberties and Privileges which was signed in 1683 and included freedom of speech, trial by jury and many other laws.

Founding of New York


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