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New York

Geography of New York New York City is located in the United States in the State of New York. Two cities near New York are Philedelphia and Stamford.The Atlantic Ocean is right next to New York City.New York City is mostly surrounded by buildings and skycrapers.This city has four seasons.The average temperature in summer is 81 degrees.The average temperature in the winter is 30 degrees.New York does not get a lot of rain but it gets a lot of snow.

Attractions and EventsList of 6 Attractions:Statue of Liberty:Gift of friendship From France.9/11 Tribute Center:Solomon R. Gunggehien Museum:Masterpiece Museum of Architechture.Metropolian Museum:Famous Museum with lots of art pieces.Two Events that take place in New York City are the New York Marathon and the Macy's Parade.You can also go to many theatres to watch movies and plays.

HotelsSofitel New York:Sofitel is located 5.02 Km from the city centre.The hotel is luxurious and big.Each room comes with a hot tub,mini-refrigerator and a TV.The rooms are also very spacious.If you are bored than you can go down to the swimming pool in the first pool.Sheraton New York:Sheraton is located in the middle of the city.This hotel is luxurious and big.The rooms are big with a mini-refrigerator,hot tub and TV.There is also a cool swimming pool.

Restaurants:ABC Kitchen ABC Kitchen is the top rated restaurant in New York City.List of 6 foods:-Pizza-Shrimp-Crushed Pretzels-Sour Avacado-Sweet Roasted Carrots-Champaigne and Vinegar,The restaurant is fancy,cozy and big.All the food is reasonbly priced.Gramercy Tavern:Gramercy Tavern is a restaurant and a bar.List of 3 Foods:-Beet Salad-Squid Ink Spaggheti-Winter Green SaladThe restaurant is big,cozy and fancy.All the food is resonbly priced.

New York City


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