New York

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Social Studies

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New York

New York hosts the statue of Liberty. This was a gift from France to United States. It represents a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. Today it is situed on Liberty Island

ABOUT FOOD Tipicals New York's dishes are:-Eggs Benedicts-Hot dog-Cheesecake

New York is a famous city situed on the coast of the USA. Today New York is very big and it hosts eight million of people.

New York

This is what the local food looks like: hot dog

In this famous boroughs of New York, Manhattan, there are Little Italy, created by Italian People and ChinaTown, created by Chinese people.

In New York there are five important boroughs:-Manhattan-Bronx-Queens-Staten Island-Brooklyn

Eggs Benedict


Did you know?New York's called "Big apple", because her boroughs are like an apple!

Central Park is the most famous and the biggest park in New York. This is the place where people usually relax.

The Empire state Buildings: Is one of the tallest biuldingsof world.

This is one of the most famous museumin the world. It has six floors which host a lot of famous picture created by Picasso,Pollock...


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