New York

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Social Studies
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New York

New York is crowded city in USA. It has 5 boroughs. They are Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. It was founded in 1615. That's what people say 'The city that never sleeps'. People speak different 170 languages in New York. It has many famous places. They are Central Park, Times Square, State of Liberty, the Empire State Building etc.

New York has 4 seasons. People should visit it on summer and spring. Because winter is very cold.

New YorkLanguage:EnglishPopulation:8,406,000Area:1.214,4 km2Elevation:10 m (33 ft)

New York's transport is very comfortable. Because ıt has very transport vehicle. Trains work 24 hour.

Bagel is traditioanal food!

Put a map of the region here!

This is the city at night!

Traditioanl Food!

Historical İsa Bin Meryem Mosque!

Empire State Building!

State of Building!

Times Square!


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