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New York

New York was founded in 1613 and was led by Peter Stuyvesant in 1647. Was originally a Dutch colony and was named New Netherland. New Netherland was a trading post used to exchange fur with the Iroquois.

In 1664, an English fleet captured New Amsterdam without firing one shot. The English renamed New Netherland, New York. New Amsterdam was renamed New York City. King Charles II gave a proprietorship to the Duke of York and New York was named in honor of the Duke of York. This made New York a Royal Colony in 1685 and one of the British thirteen colonies.

New York had a good climate and rich land. This allowed farmers to grow a large amount of staple crops. Slaves and indentured servants were important to New York. Slaves worked in cities as skilled laborers, on farms, onboard ships and in the shipbuilding industry. Indentured servants filled New York's labor needs. Trade was also important to New York. The colonies exported goods to Britain and the West Indies. Women made important contributions to the economy of New York.

In 1626, Peter Minuit purchased Manhattan from Indians. He also founded and named the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam. The colony was established for trade and profit. New Amsterdam was the center of fur trade.



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Picture of Peter Stuyvesant

Picture of Peter Minuit

In 1624, the first permanent Dutch settlement was established in Fort Orange, now called Albany.


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