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New York

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The New York Colony has qualities that other places don't. It offered good soil, a good harbor, and the Hudson River offered transportation within the states. 

New York Colony

Geological Description

Some historical and significant events that occured in the New York Colony is that the Albany Congress went to Albany, New York in 1754 to help unite the colonies for defense against the Iriquois Confederacy.

Historical Description

How is it different?

There are free Africans, French, and Jews, and people from other European countries. This is what made the New York Colony different from Boston. The Dutch influence is stillstrong. Many houses are built in the Dutch style using bricks of different colors.

Before the 1960s , the New York Colony was the country's leadng state in population, and economics.

Fun Fact

Physical Description

The terrain is swampy near the coast and the Hudson River. The ground is rocky and the soil is good for farming. New York has mountains, plains, and rolling hills. New York also borders Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. New York's climate has hot, humid summers, and really cold winters. with a lot of snow.

'' Do you wish to live ina place where you can earn money, and give your children anything they need? Well, lucky for you, there is, visit the New York Colony today, and you won't regret it.''

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