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New York


I foundNew York and will share it with you

Who Found New YorkNew York was found in 1664. The Duke of York gave huge chunks of land to some of his friends named Sir George Carteret anJohn Berkel. The New York colony was found by a Dutch General named Peter Stuyvesant. New York has a population of 19,190,115. With a population density of 406.4, and a total of 47,214 miles. The Duke of York and Peter both wanted New York to be a money making colony, and yet New York became one of the most famous state yet, because of its Fashion and other amusement areas but, more important its national monument the Statue Of Liberty which was help built by the French.

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York is named after me, and is the finest land to be offered with gratitude, and greatness of our fur trade.

New YorkTradeTrading ports in the colonies. This port allows many trading ships to come and go. Many raw materials come out of this port. Beaver pelts are one of the largest imported and exported goods in the port. There is also plentiful supply of lumber to be get and it can be used to build ships. Iron is also traded and used to forge tools.You can also buy oats, wheat, and barley from the ports to farm.

New York Farming The crops that are grown here were maize, rye barley, wheat and potatoes. In New York we have rich pastures and meadows in all of our province, they are mown twice and have large crops of hay. No matter how small of a farmer you are there would still be some sort of acre of farmland near you. New Yorkers grew lots of corn as well for it was plentiful and was eaten by both humans and animals. So in New York you will have lots of crops, farmland

Peter Stuyvesant


Why pick New York New York was Unique in many different ways. Its climate and geographic location helped its farming and vegetation grow well. New York’s huge trading ports allowed many ships to come in for importing and many ships going out for exporting. New yorks daily life was also unique because they mainly based on agriculture (farming) and trading. The last reason that New York is unique is because of its relations with the natives and how they took the land away New York didn't just take it they let the Indians have some of it back. Now it will be expressed by giving you such fine land.

DAILY LIFE OF YORKThe daily life in New york was great we had shipbuilding, miners, craftsman, merchants, farmers, trappers, sailors and lumber man. Shipbuilding was an excellent job. The ships were built for fur trade and fishing. As for mining, when europeans first arrived, they immediately started started mining for minerals. Craftsman in the new york colonies built stuff for the people, like couches. Farmers basically farmed crops like maize. So those are only some of the jobs you could have in New York. But bringint itself, we garuntee New York has many oppertunities for its settlers.

Geography/ClimateClimate and Geography: New York is located around the North East side of The United States. New York is also located by three water routes. Those three water routes are Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, the St Lawrence river, and the Atlantic Ocean.Those Water routes allow good farming Pastures to be grown on them. New York has a climate of warmer than the other Northern New England Colonies during the summer and fall, and is colder than some Northern New England colonies during the winter. That is mainly the Climate and Geography about New York.

GovernmentWhen New York settled it needed a strong and stable government to run them. Peter Stuyvesant was elected leader for New York at the time. The first thing he did was order for fire protection, which was a good idea because there were several major fires in New York. Peter Stuyvesant was not democratic and not a consensus building leader.Instead, Peter Stuyvesant acted upon impulsively ordered actions. Peter Stuyvesant saw that other cities were improving economically and technologically he too wanted his colony to grow. Peter thought of ways to improve his colony, in attempts to improve his colony he made straightened streets, filled in marshy areas, built a canal, and a competitive economic system, and did. We will remember him for such hard work and determination he has brought to New York. He believed New York to be a special place to be expressed.

ReligionWe respect all religion in the New York colony. Religious toleration was very rapid there. In fact, there are 18 different languages spoken there and it is said to have the first Jewish of the thirteen colonies and the Americas. While many religions are practiced in what was, from the beginning, there was an "official" religion, Dutch Reformed. The first congregation was what is now the Marble Collegiate Church founded in 1628. Our most prevalent religion is Dutch, about one fifth of our population. But there were many others, even a lone Muslim (though whether he practiced his religion actively is not known). We listen to peoples rights and give justice and freedom to all who ask. So if you do not feel respected, come right down to New York and we promise that your voices will be heard. If you feel safe, or unprotected, this is the perfect place worth paying for. We will treat you, and your religions to your greatest thoughts. Remember we our vongriative, fair, and open minded about what you believe, or your beliefs.

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