New York vs. Berlin

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New York vs. Berlin

New Yorkvs.Berlin

Weaknesses-Native language is german howeve English is a second language

SWOT Analysis

Strengths-Multicultural-Close to open space-Close to many countries -Lots of cycling-Has a strong soccer culture-Always wanted to ski in Europe-Low cost of living-Has been around for a long time-Many museums-Cold climate-Low crime rate-Approximately 780 years old

Opportunities-Becoming more fluent in German-Strong economy-Close to European ski fields-Good history of water sports-Culture of out doors-Learning about the culture-Close to many countries accessible by ground transport

Threats-Language barrier-Being alone-Getting lost


New York

Threats-Being alone-Getting lost-High crime rate-Running out of money-Being young, single and tourist

Weaknesses-To access most other countries you need to fly-Far from open space-Busy roads so not much cycling-High cost of living-Extreme climates-New York is only 391 years old

Strengths-Very multicultural-Higher Exchange rate-A rich history of leading world wide cultural change. E.g. Gay rights, Black rights, Women’s rights-New York stock exchange is the largest in the world-Has a strong place in the history of North America-Can speak fluent English

Opportunities-Many different opportunities-Be part of one of the worlds most vibrant, busy cities -Head quarters of many worldwide companies-Strong girls soccer league-Opportunities for water sports-One of the livliest cities in the world


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