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Child labor

The work and the working conditions

Children are working in factories and getting sick. These factories children are working in are in dangerous conditions. The factories are damp, dark, and dirty. Most of the kids working are poor, so they can't afford shoes. Kids will work on their bare feet getting; cuts, wounds, and infections. Children are working for long hours with little breaks. Young boys worked inside a factory building, processing the impurities from the coal by hand. The dust was thick at most times, none of the boys were given protective gear. They were beaten and kicked by their overseers if they didn’t work fast enough. This just one example out of many.

Money and time

Children are working long hours with little pay. A child with a factory job might work 12 to 18 hours a day, 6 days a week just to get a dollar. Kids are working at the age 7, even younger. Factory owners are taking advantage of these children. Children were paid only a fraction of what adults would get, and sometimes factory owners would get away with paying them nothing. Orphans were the ones who would be treated to a slave-like labor. The factory owners payroll for orphans would be giving food, shelter, and clothing, but the owners actually didn't do any of this. The children who did get paid were paid very little.

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