New York Field Trip

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by ColinSteadman
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New York Field Trip

The North American Mammals room had a stuffed Grizzly bear, Moose, Buffalo and much more. There was an artist there drawing an antelope. He was entertaining for many people to watch.

The North American mammals room had stuffed Grizzly bear, Moose ,Buffalo and much more. There was an artist their drawing the antelope he was entertaining for many people.

North American Mammals

Milstein Hall of Ocean Life

The third thing that we visited was the Morgan Hall Of Gems. It had many colorful stones that looked unreal but they were right there. We stayed their for most of the time, before we had lunch. The room had many showcases with 30 to 50 gems in each case.

Morgan Hall Of Gems

The last thing we went to the imax movie mysteries of the unseen world. Which was in 3D it showed things that were too small, to fast, to slow and, too big for the human eye to see. Then we went to the gift shop after we that was the end .

Mysteries Of The Unseen World

I would give big daddys a 6.5 out of ten if I were to rate it. I would rated it that because the chicken fingers were soggy. On the side that it was laying on the lettuce it would have been better if the lettuce had been to the side. Another reason, is that the french fries came separately and that meant everybody was grabbing for them.So some kids didn't get them that is why I would only rate big daddys a 6.5 out of ten.

Big Daddys Review

The second place we went was the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life. The ceiling was holding a giant blue whale made of fiberglass. The room had many stuffed ocean life they had manatees dolphins sea lions and much more



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