New York Colony

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New York Colony

Did You Know?Disease brought by the colonists caused the Iroquois population to decrease from 25,000 or so in 1660, to 14,00 in 1740.

Did You Know?The colony of New York was taken from the Dutch without gunfire.

New York Colony

Native Americans

When the Dutch first owned the land, they Called it New Netherland. The main reason for the success of the colony was the fur trade. England took New Amsterdam since it was so successful and they wanted the land.

The Native Americans that lived around the New York Colony were the Mohak, Oneida, Seneca, Lenni-Lenape, Iroquois and Mohicans. The tribes all traded with the colonists, which in some cases caused fighting to break out amongst each other. They would trade fur for weapons. Enemy tribes would both end up with weapons, which caused wars and fighting.

Map of New York

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The economy of New York relied mostly on the lumber trade. The lush forests provided plentiful wood to be traded to England for metal goods. The forests was also a large habitat for many animals. The colonists would use the animals for food, and would trade with the Native Americans for the fur, which they would make clothing out of and also send the furs to England.

The success of the New York colony relied on the geographical features surrounding the colony. The Hudson river was the main way of transporting goods to and from the colony. The forests surrounding the colony provided lumber, and animals for food and fur.

Iroquois Old Moccasin Dance


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