New York Colony

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New York Colony

New York ColonyYankee Doodle left his town, to visit New York Colony

Farmer: They would normally grow corn, flax, wheat, and tobbacco. Farmers cleared away the field by hand. If you were a farmer you would get up very early in the morning and immediately start milking the cows. If it was the spring you would be getting the ox and start plowing the fields (a very big one although there is no average). If you couldn't afford a ox you would have to plow the land by hand.

The things normally sent from New york were flour, corn, biscuit, timber, tuns, boards, meat, fish, butter, and other stuff. They would send the ship to the West Indies plus other places like Boston in New England and Pennsyvania. Sometimes ships come form Pennsylvania because certain things are cheaper in Pennsylvania

Religious Faiths: There were Catholics, Lutherans, a couple Jews, and others.

Extra FactsRegion: MiddleNamed after: the Duke of YorkWhy people came here: English and Dutch to find new lives



New York had some very hot summers and bitterly cold winters with a lot of snow.




There were mountains in the Northeast and lowlands from Lake Ontario to the Canadian Border. The geography was kind of like a mix of New England and Southern geography but had nice soil and land that was good for farming

Peter Minuit was the original founder of New York. He came to New York when his family joined the Dutch West Indian Company. They were sent to New Netherlands to find more things to trade other than animal skins. He returned the same year. In 1625 he bought Manhattan from the Indians and was appointed the new director of New Netherlands later in 1626 by the Dutch West Company.

Come to new york! We have many job oppertunities. Also we have lots of land to farm. Trade is plentiful and lots of places to sell. Come to New York today!

Come to New York



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