New York colony

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New York colony

The government that New York had:the governor was chosen by the king. The goveror didn't listen to the people. Interesting factsThe New York history fact provides of importent people found establishment of the New York colony.

Important Events

The economyIt was trading,slave traders,merchents,and farmers

New York Colony


The reigionHad reigious freedom. Many faiths were represented. Most were prostestants.

The New York colony was Founded in 1626. The Dutch is the Founder of New York colony. The British took the colony because the British got jelis how good they were doing.

How old is New York

Interesting facts and what type of government


1626-New York was found


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The weatherWarm summers and mild winters.

The land look likeMountains in the Northest. Lowlands from Lake Ontario along the Canadian border. Atlantic Coastal plains. A mix of New England and Southern features. Soilanl land was good for farming.

By Brayden RidlNew York colony

Who paid for New YorkPeter Minuit for 24 dallors.


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