New York City

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New York City

Wheather Phenomenon is Rare optical Phenomenon casts a bright circle across the Sky. A Landform: Mt. Marcy is the Highest point in New York at 5,344 ft. Situated on one of the most largest Harbors for trade.

New York City is not a Capitol. New York is not a Megcity is has a population of 8.406 million. The Alloy Tower over the Transportation Hub in New York Crops, Hay, Corn, Flowers, Maple Syrup, oats, Soybeans and Wheat are all products of New York. New Yorks Economy: Dairy Products, apples, cattle and calves. Livestock is 2/3 of New Yorks income.

New York City,New York

Physical Characteristics



New York is home to many Sports Teams as:Yankees,Giants,Jets,Knicks etc The City also have good Universities Such as Buffalo,Syracuse,Cornell etc. The City is home to the Statue of Liberty Their Most Famous Foods are Deli Meats, Cheesecake etc.


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