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New York

New York

New Yorks motto, "Excelsior!" Is Latin for "Ever Upward."

Above is New Yorks symbol. On it, it says the states motto. Can you find it?

New Yorks state flower is the Rose.

New Yorks state tree is the sugar maple tree.

New Yorks state flag looks almost the same as it's state symbol.

A lot of people think New York City is New Yorks capital but infact it is Albany, New York.

This is a map of New York. Above and to the right of the "K" is where Albany is. The Island at the bottom is long island. That is where New York City is located.

New Yorks major bodys of water:On the left is Lake Erie (Great Lake)The middle is Lake Ontario (Great Lake)The top is the Atlantic Ocean. It touches long island.

New Yorks nickname is the Empire State. There is a skyscraper named the Empire State Building.

The population of New York is 19.75 Million people as of 2014. New York City alone is 8.406 Million people.

The date of statehood for New York is July 26, 1788.

One place in New York that is a must go is New York City. It is amazing and very cool. You can go on top of skyscrapers, go on boats to the statue of liberty and much more. It is a beatiful place to go.

John D. Rockefeller was born on July 8, 1839 at Richford NY. He ran an oil buisness that dominated all others. He died on May 23, 1937.

Cooper Union in New York, New York is a fantastic college. It is ranked #2 national. It was founded in 1859.

What building was called the 8th world wonder? A)Viacom BuildingB)Worldwide PlazaC)Empire State BuildingD)Time-Warner BuildingAnswer:C) Empire State Building

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